Many people around the world think that if a person has parallel line with the “life line” on its palm, then that person is very lucky. Yes, and they also say that bad things don’t happen to these people. Happiness is with them all the time and it leaves that person throughout life.

But, unfortunately, these lines on the palm are vert rare. This line on the palm is also known by the name – the “guardian angel line.” This means that a person is under the special protection of a guardian angel. Otherwise it is called “line of Mars,” and the second one is called “life line”.

As we mentioned before, people who have this line on their palms, are extremely lucky. They always survive and endure after terrible accidents and disasters; they have excellent health, they don’t experience material problems. And, the most important thing – they always (easily) overcome obstacles in their life. Ladies and gentlemen, if you are lucky enough to have this line on your palm – you should be grateful to God, and have fate in your guardian angel.

Note: well, if this line is parallel with the line of life along the entire length, then you should know that this is a great sign! People with such a character will be protected by their guardian angel for life. And, if a smaller portion of the line, which passes next to the line of life (barely visible trace or torn) – those people may expect life problems and troubles that would later bypass. But, if the guardian line is on the:

  • On the right hand – protection of a guardian angel, given to people for their personal merits.
  • On the left hand – protection of a guardian angel, given to people from the moment of their birth.