We can easily say that one of the best things NASA does is stream the live footage from the International Space Station. Yes, this is really amazing, especially because it orbits the Earth 16 times a day. This live video is very calming, until a UFO enters the picture. And then all bets are off.

This is how the story goes – NASA was streaming footage from the ISS, when the famous YouTuber Streetcap1 spotted something entering the Earth’s atmosphere. But as the object nears our planet, the NASA feed cut out. Note: Streetcap1 also points out it that this could be a meteor…

You should also know that this video was quickly picked up by dozens of other YouTube channels. Soon, extremely reputable sources of scientific journalism such as Express.co.uk were quickly on the case, with stories like SHOCK ALIEN CLAIM: ‘NASA cuts the ISS live feed moments after UFO appears.’

The guys at PopularMechanics were curious why NASA would cover up such obvious evidence of an impending alien attack. So, they called them to get some answers.

The NASA spokesperson said:

“We have never seen UFOs in the popular sense. The feed in question is the High Definition Earth Viewing experiment. Anytime the ISS has a signal, that feed is sending down video.”

Think about it – when the High Definition Earth Viewing system loses signal, the video stream goes dark.

The NASA spokeperson also said:

“The feed is not switched manually. It’s all done automatically. There’s nobody at a control board. We used a space-based data relay network. It gives us a very good coverage area, but you do lose signal occasionally—anywhere from a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes. It varies from day to day.”

In my personal opinion, this is just what they would want you to believe. How about that light in the video? Sure, if could be any number of things: a reflection on the lens of the camera, radiation hitting a sensor in the High Definition Earth Viewing system, a satellite, a meteor, or one of the tens of thousands bits of space debris currently circling the planet.

So, you should ask yourself – who’re you going to believe: a bunch of “know-it-all” scientists at NASA or some YouTube videos with scary music? You already know my answer – I’ll stick with this frightening YouTube video. Thank you for your time and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

Source: In5d.com (Other sources included in In5d’s link – PopularMechanics)