Do you believe in Angels? Do you know what are Angels? According to some theorists, angels are non physical entities that vibrate at a different frequency. These spiritual guardians are always trying to help us.

Some people think that by increasing your present moment awareness of the angels is one of the best ways to start noticing their guidance, especially when you know some of the common signs to look for.

Ladies and gentlemen, you should be careful, because angels are constantly drawing our attention towards signs, and they leave clues and hints which serve to nudge us in the right direction. The angel signs are all around us and they can appear in many different ways. It all depends on your current challenges, next steps, or the questions you’ve asked.

And remember – your angels know you, and so they know which signs will capture your attention, contain personal meaning, or best guide your next steps. They’re always near, and any sign from these powerful spiritual beings, however small it may be, is a beautiful and symbolic reminder of their love and support.

7 Signs Your Guardian Angel is Trying to – Don’t Ignore Them:

  1. Changes in Temperature

The room may get warmer or colder inexplicably. The way angels vibrate can slow or speed up the molecules in the air, resulting in a change in temperature. Pay attention to what you are doing or thinking and feel out what is being communicated.

  1. Unexplained Fragrances

Can I ask you something – have you ever been at home or in the wilderness, a place where random scents are hard to find, and smelled something amazing? Well, if you can smell an inconsistent smell to your surroundings and its very pleasant, then an angel might be nearby. And, sometimes you will smell a strong scent that reminds you of deceased loved one.

  1. Voices Murmuring to You

This is a common sign for “crazy” people, but it can also be a sign that an angel is trying to communicate with you. So, you should listen to these voices carefully.

  1. Different Colored Lights Will Appear

Here’s what you need to know – seeing shafts of light streaming or shooting around you are definite indications of angels. Note: and yes, you may notice sparks of light or become very aware of shadows around you. You shouldn’t be afraid, because the angels don’t want to harm you.

  1. Unexpected Feathers

Can I ask you something – do you see or find feathers all around you for no reason at all? Well, if your answer is yes, then you shouldn’t ignore it! YES, this is a sign that angels are near and paying attention to you.

  1. Communication Through Dreams

When you communicate with your guardian angel through dreams, you might not remember the dream, but you’ll feel lighter, stronger and more sure of a direction to take.

  1. Feeling Like You’re Being Followed

So, do you feel like you’re being followed? But, follower in a good way. Yes, this feeling will be accompanied by a feeling of confidence and love. Imagine this – if you are alone and you feel like someone is in the room with you, don’t worry – because your angels are trying to protect you. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share.

Source: The Usual Routine